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K70 Revived post-liquid damage, 3 lights flashing


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I just saw https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=813831 after reviving a liquid-damaged k70 I had lying around for months, it's the OG, Red backlight, original Logo version (PCB sticker: 690-K1529R-C05U, CL160323)

I took it apart down to PCB, cleaned all visible traces of damage with alcohol-covered Qtips from the back, let some alcohol through the space hole, let it dry and re-connected it.

It's currently flashing the Num/Caps/Scroll lock when connected to the PC, the only other light to turn on is the windows Lock key. The keyboard IS working to some extent (slapped a few de-capped keys, with correct inputs displayed in notepad).

Based on the thread linked above, would it be possible to at least attempt re-viving this keyboard's flash?


It's something I had laying around for spares, and decided to take apart for fun.


Kind regards,


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Well thanks for "help" mr customer support.

Doing a quick google after seeing your disappointing reply, I found your own support page providing me with a solution to my problem here:



it's a shame that you can't even do bare minimum to attempt keeping your products out of e-waste landifills.

I rate this forum 1/8. I guess it led me to find the solution myself after all.

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