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iCUE + ASUS(Aura MB) not working when screen saver locks PC.


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I set up iCUE for the first time and it seemed to do exactly what I wanted. On top of that, it had TONS of settings to adjust for the color scheme of my ARGB setup.


My setup was designed the way it is because RGB/ARGB + Software to control them was flat out horrible! I always have issues with the software even seeing the hardware and it's amazing that some of these companies can even play in these markets with such ridiculously unreliable products.


My system currently has the following lighting setup:

  1. 1 x Cooler Master hardware controller to control my RGB AIO water cooler.
  2. 1 x Cooler Master hardware controller to control the 5 ARGB fans I have in the case.
  3. 1 x GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (controlled by EVGA Precision X1 software).
  4. 2 x G.Skill 8GB memory modules (controlled by the official G.Skill software).
  5. 1 x Asus TUF Z390M-PRO Gaming WiFi motherboard (now controlled by iCUE software).


With all this stuff I can finally get my Gaming PC looking good lighting wise and I'm happy with everything (as much as one can be running 100 apps/hardware to achieve this).


My question is simple. When the machine is on, logged in to my Windows profile, everything with iCUE managing the motherboard lights work great! However, when the screensaver comes on and the machine locks... The iCUE software seems to just stop working and the colors on my motherboard go back to crappy rainbow defaults.


Any reason this might be happening? Anyway to resolve the issue?



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When you are on the lock screen iCue does not run or is suspended. There for it puts all corsair rgb devices into hardware lighting mode (non software control mode). You will have to customize the hardware lighting in iCue for those devices under the lighting effects list. Edited by Pheelix
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