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ML140s sync under certain conditions only.


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So I just added a H115i Platinum cooler to my rig. Everything works but the new fans. They sync with everything when a lighting link profile is used (like rainbow wave) but when I go to set them individually they will not sync to whatever setting I put them on. The water block will sync in both situations but not the ML140s. Icue even shows them as the right colors but the fans do not. When I set all lights to off all lights turn off but the ML140s which seem to default to purple. Any ideas?


Using 6 LL120s 2 ML140s and 4 lighting strips. Everything else is working fine.


Thanks for any input.


aaand corsair's upload thing is down and wont let me upload the second picture. but it's of the block syncing yellow like in the image but the cooler fans stuck on purple.


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