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Connecting Corsair H150i RGB Pro XT


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Hey, all I've recently taken the plunge and got into PC gaming so this may be a bit of a noob question but here goes.


I bought the Corsair 500D RGB case which included 3 120mm RGB fans upfront, I'd ideally like to keep these fans and attach my radiator to the back of them (I bought a Corsair H150i RGB Pro XT 360MM) all of my fans currently use the commander pro with all fan spots filled up, I know that on the H150i it includes 3 fan headers so I was wondering how I can use the fans which are already plugged into the commander pro? Do I need to connect those fans to the three fan headers on the AIO and then plug them into the Commander pro?


Any help would be amazing thanks

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You would move the standard fan power/control wire over to the 3 way splitter from H150i pump. That puts them on the cooler's fan controller and they will natively react to coolant temperature changes, with or without the software running. When connected to the Commander, iCUE must be running for them to get that data from the cooler to the Commander.


The RGB wires stay on whatever device they are plugged into. That is likely a RGB Lighting Hub, which then connects to the Commander RGB channel 1 or 2.

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to add to the above advice....


hope these may help




this would be how you connect it up if you wanted to also use the fans suppiied with the H150i in a Push/pull config






the below case has QL fans on Both sides of the H150i Pro










more info at






500d Faq



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