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Butt load of LL fans, Nodes and Commander questions


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For current build see my specs


Dual Custom Loops






8x Hardline RGB Fittings

various RGB strips and accents.


I currently have the Commander Pro, 4x Node Pros and 4x RGB hubs



Ch1: 3 way to CPU rad (3x LL120)

Ch2: 3 way to GPU rad (3x LL120)

Ch3: 3 way to 3x LL120

Ch4: 2 way to 2 LL140s

Ch5: 2 way to 2 SP140s



13x Fans


Will ICUE see the ones below:

6x RGB Loop fittings

GPU Block

CPU Block

2x Coolant reservoir

2x RGB strips


With the Commanders 2 RGB ports and adding 2x Node Pros with 2 ports each theoretically I could have 6 hubs installed with 36 RGB channels right?


All my RGB devices listed above have the same connector as the Corsair do.


What is my best way to get all this Unicorn Puke synced?


Also can I plug my loop temp sensors into the commander pro?

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