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Whats a good noise cancelling solution for Corsair Elite USB gaming headset?


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So I purchased this headset at the beginning of the year I think mid or late January. It was ok for about half a week and then people started complaining my mic was too low long story short I ended up using a program called Equalizer APO to amp the microphone and fiddling with the mic volume in iCUE and people could hear me again. I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 by buying a brand new PC so I naturally installed Equalizer APO and the drivers for the headset over there and ok. But now I am getting background noise probably because the headset and mic (I couldn't separate them) are boosted by 20Db but people hear the noise on my mic and I hear it when it plays back sound in the headset.


Curious if there is a cheap piece of hardware I can purchase to get rid of the background noise and if not what is a good USB headset to replace this one with that has good sound quality, good sensitivity, noise cancelling and good mic volume for around 70-80 bucks. Though I'd help to just get this fixed because I love the sound quality but it's playback and recording volume was too low.

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