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I recieved a new AMD XP-3200 Barton (400fsb) and Valueselect "VS1GBKIT400C3" lot# 0510028-0 a couple of weeks ago. I installed them both on a MSI K7N2 Delta2-LSR (was and still is working great with a XP-2200 and XXX ram). At first boot I went to the BIOS and set everything to "auto". The system booted up on a fresh install of WinXP pro and them rebooted again and again. The system will not stay up long enough to run Memtest. Today a friend recieved a 1 GB memory kit same as mine "VS1GBKIT400C3". I did't look at the lot#, but I can get it. I installed his memory into my system and everything runs great. So I installed my memory in his system (same as mine except he has a 400w PSU and I have a 430w). His system will not stay up and running long enough to even turn off auto restart.

I have reinstalled my XP-2200 and XXX. At this point I need a RMA number.


Waiting to hear from you so I can get my new toys up and running


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