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465x - 3 new LL120 fans not lighting up RGB


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I have just put together a new PC build using a 465x case. I have the 3 LL120 fans which come with the case, 2 additional LL120 fans from a Corsair H100i Platinum SE and 1 additional LL120 fan. 6 fans in total, all spin fine, but no RGB on the extra fans.


The 3 fans which come with case light up perfectly, the other 3 do not. I have connected them all to the same RGB hub which comes with the case. I have gone into iCue and set the lightning channel as "LL RGB Series Fans" and 6 fans connected. I have also tested each of the individual fans on the RGB hub and also using the H100i and they light up. It seems as the issue is with the RGB hub (or lightning node core?) which comes with the 465x case.


I have also tried restating several times, reinstalling iCue, removing the fans from the mobo and restarting.


I am stuck on how to fix this. Help please!

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