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corsair 150i pro xt (fans and sata power)

Moustache Boy

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Hey guys,


Question about the Corsair 150i pro xt.

I believe this AIO is powered by SATA.

If I want to have a push pull configuration (so 6 fans)

I was thinking about using 3 Y splitters.


Does this give enough power. (not sure how much the pump utilize) or can I run into trouble, or other complications?


Also I really want to use the QL fans.

But the max rpm from those are 1400. And the fans that the ship with has like 2200 a 2400.


Not sure how much the difference will be?

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Yes it is powered by a SATA connector that comes off the pump

Yes, you will need 6 fans to do push/pull

Yes, you can use Y splitters however i do believe in iCue, it will only show 3 fans even though you have 6 connected to the fan connectors coming off the pump.


Yes, the PSU can power it assuming you have a proper psu.


Yes, the ML fans it comes with have 2400 rpm max. The difference is not that big of a deal unless you are doing extreme overclocking and just need the extra RPMS to cool the RAD.


I run the 150i pro and i have mine set to around 1150 RPMs while gaming on a 9900K. I stay around 42-45c while gaming.

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splitters have only on one branch a PWM signal line so basically 2 fans are seen as one single unit by the system. Both fans will be running at the same rpm, which is totally fine for push/pull in normal use.

I don't know the amperage the fan headers on the H150i are rated for but to be on the safe side you can get a powered fan hub that then connects to a single header on the pump. You can dump the splitters and all fans will run at the same rpm.


QL fans are pretty bad when it comes to radiators from what I've read here. ML or HD are much better suited for that.

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