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Does using a coffee grinder make your coffee different?


Does a coffee grinder make a difference? Definitely, yes!!! And a good coffee grinder does even more. A coffee grinder is the most critical element in the art of making coffee. Many coffee lovers choose to upgrade their coffee grinder over their coffee maker. A grinder brings you a coffee experience that’s amazing from the inside out with a higher level of coffee flavor and taste. The following are some of the underlying reasons why a good grinder should be a priority piece of coffee gear.


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Reason 1: Freshly ground coffee is always better than pre-ground coffee


Most of the food in our lives, such as cookies, cakes, coffees, chocolates, fresh vegetables, and fruits, loses its taste and fresh texture when interacts with oxygen. The process of oxidation breaks down organic molecules slowly, destroying the fresh and flavorful structure. In the case of coffee, oxidation evaporates aromatic oils extracted from the coffee bean. Those aromatic oils and virgin organic molecules are vital for creating the vivid flavor of the coffee. However, they are easily destroyed under the pre-ground process, especially when exposed to oxygen for a long time. Even in many cases, the pre-ground coffee turns stale.




It is common knowledge in the coffee industry that coffee is considered to be fresh only for 30 minutes from when it is ground. Meanwhile, whole coffee beans keep their freshness up to 2 weeks after being roasted. Therefore, pre-ground coffee is never picked by coffee lovers who prefer the best flavor and taste from freshly ground coffee. Moreover, a burr coffee grinder also outperforms a blade one in preserving the authentic character of coffee beans and offering more evenly ground coffee.




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Reason 2: A coffee grinder goes with any coffee brewing method


Typically, when a person rushes for a thing, he/she is interested in exploring experiences around it. This practice is not exceptional for coffee. A coffee lover usually does not limit himself/herself to any brewing methods. While pre-ground coffee comes in a single size (fine), a coffee grinder meets any of your demands, like making Turkish coffee (extremely finely ground coffee), an espresso (extremely finely ground coffee), using a Moka pot (finely ground coffee), an auto drip, a pour over (coarse-to-fine ground coffee), an AeroPress (medium-to-fine ground coffee), a French press (coarse ground coffee), or cold brew coffee maker (coarse ground coffee), etc.




Reason 3: Experience the coffee-making process from beginning


If you need a quick coffee to wake you up every morning before going to work, pre-ground coffee is perfect for its convenience. But if you are looking for a vivid coffee experience, a coffee grinder will upgrade the coffee-making process to the next level. Having a coffee grinder at home, you will have the chance to brew perfect coffee every time you want it. Many of the best mills work with only a small number of coffee beans, and you can try any size of ground coffee until you get the perfect balance of coffee, time, and water to extract the most vibrant cup of coffee.


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To conclude, investing in getting the best home coffee grinder for your kitchen is a wise choice if you are serious about coffee. You will get paid in fresh and rich flavor, convenience, and enjoyment. There are two basic kinds of coffee mills on the market: Blade and burr grinders. Take the latter if you want a consistent form of freshly ground coffee without it getting , so that it can preserve the full aromas of the coffee.

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