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h115i and warranty


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I'm a bit confused here.

Another h115i dropped dead. Bought on 20.03. 2017. I went on the corsair page and found that the warranty should be 5 years.

Contacted reseller and also checked warranty paper from them and it is only 24 months.

So what is actually going on here, is it 5 years or 2 years?

Anyway pump died on me, luckily no leak but this time I removed it from the system right away, last time I left it in the system turned off till I got new cooler and when I went to reinstall.. leak. lost 2 kits of RAM and 1 Titan X GPU.

Anyway, corsair h115i, dead pump. Is there a warranty and RMA option or I can pretty much throw this one away and look for a new one?

Thanks for any insight!

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