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ll120-node pro usb mini to a or 2.0?


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Hello corsair forums, I'm new here. So I have an ll120 3 pack and I was wondering is it safe/ok to plug the mini USB cable in the lighting node pro through the back of my case and into the USB on the back of my motherboard with a mini to A cable rather than take up an internal USB 2.0 port. My motherboard only has 2 and my Lian Li built-in case strips and node pro take them both up, leaving my stock AMD wraith prism uncontrollable and I'm sick of staring at the rainbow when the rest of my RGB and desk setup is orange white and black. By plugging the node through the back it would free that up for my CPU cooler but before I do so I would like to check with yall if it is ok/safe and if it will still allow me to control my ll120s. Also the cable I would be using is an old GoPro charging cable that's pretty hefty. The color mismatch has been going on for months since I built my pc and I just can't take it anymore



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