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iCUE getting worse by the day!


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I know that iCUE is not the best software for managing peripherals. What I don't understand is how something that has been out for so long is still so bad.

Firmware update fails,

Profiles deletion after introducing a new device,

Not detecting devices,

Random device disconnects,

Macro’s suddenly stop working (m65 backwards and forwards side buttons most often).

And just today i had to spend 15mins just to reconnect my new Virtuoso SE headphones. After going to sleep they have decided not to connect back, and I have connectivity issues with these headphones almost every day, and I refuse to accept that it's a hardware problem when they work perfectly (when they work).


I have had 2 keyboards, 3 mice, 3 headphones over the last 3 or so years from Corsair and I love Corsair peripherals, especially the M65 series mouse.

But ever since the release of ICUE there hasn't gone a day by where I just booted up my PC and everything worked.

If there is nothing done with the iCUE software I’m afraid I'll have to switch to other peripherals manufacturers. The iCUE only creates problems with everything and destroys my enjoyment from gaming.

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