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Can't custom RGB on K57


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I upgraded my keyboard from K55 to K57 to get reduce the number of cables that I have on my desk, but for some reason if use my keyboard in wireless mode, I can't customize the lights as I want and am stuck with the default ones that iCue offers.


I can make the changes that I want if the keyboard is connected via USB, but once I unplug the cable, it reverts back to one of the default settings.


using a wireless keyboard as a wired keyboard kinda defies the purpose of purchase so I just wanted to check if there is something wrong with my keyboard or if this is how the K57 is supposed to work (if so am going to return it :[pouts: ), also there was nothing on the product page that suggest this is how the keyboard will behave because if I knew that I wouldn't have paid the extra $$ to get another "wired" keyboard.

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