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Bad Flash Card

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Ok, So, got a new SD Card for a Canon a570. It works fine for a bit then randomly deletes all the pictures. The first time this happened, she used the built in functionality of the camera to format the card, and commenced to take pictures again. Once again, after the card hit about 100 megs of data or so, they all disapeared, camera begins throwing a "Memory Card Error". I subsequently took the card out and put it into a card reader on my laptop. The computer immediatly said the card was not formatted, would I like to. I said no, then ran GetDataBack (FAT) on the card. it found all the pictures after a full scan. I pulled everything off, formated it, and went at it again. I took the card into the card reader after a format. I then put all the pcitures back on, then the directory structure disapeared.


I believe the card is not holding the partition tabel correctly or something. I do not think its the camera since it does not do this to the card that came with the camera.


Bad Card?





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