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Corsair Scimitar Feedback (Shape issue with long hand)


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As someone with rather long hands (~20cm long) i was unhappy with my razer naga mouse as the side buttons were too far back for me and decided to get myself a Corsair Scimitar as i though the sliding side buttons would make it much better for long hands like mine.


However it did not turn out as i expected.

Yes my thumb is positionned perfectly over the side buttons thanks to the slider, but it's impossible for me to have a comfortable grip on the mouse because of it's shape.


The real issue for me is the shape of the back of the mouse, the way it is designed forces you to have your hand really far up on the mouse, resulting in my fingers exceeding the mouse by over 1cm, which doesn't feel comfortable.


The problem with this shape is that i can't put my hand further back to have my fingers on the clics in a more "clawy" grip, since then my palm isnt connecting with the mouse and i have absolutely no stability, resulting in me needing to stabilize with my thumb, and then pressing the side buttons becomes awkward.


I hope Corsair will release another version with mouse's palm contact point further back. To me it feels very paradoxal to release a mouse with sliding buttons that is not shaped to support a standard palm grip for long hands...


I would also add that the side buttons are a little too close to the bottom, i can't actually put my entire thumb on the "1" button, i wish it was 5mm higher up.


All and all i'm disapointed because the product feels very good quality otherwise and it feels bad to have a such a limiting shape on a product supposedly adaptable.


I hope this feedback will help towards improving the next iteration of the mouse, if changes are made on it's shape i will definitively try it!


Kind regards

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