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D Key Not working some of the time


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So I have had this keyboard for a couple of years now and over the last few days I have noticed the D key not registering when I press it, but only sometimes. When it's happening I can press the key all the way down and nothing registers until I press a little harder.


I don't have the CUE software installed so I'm just using the basic keyboard backlight settings and nothing else.


Before I replace the keyboard... is there anything I can try to do to fix this kind of issue? EDIT: Just to clarify, I have removed the keycaps and cleaned the keyboard several times, with no change to the behavior. I have cats so this is necessary every few months at least. I don't use any kinds of liquids when cleaning it, just a toothpick to clean out all the hair/grime that builds up from using it 10 hours a day for years.

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