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SF Series Voluntary Product Replacement

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To CORSAIR Customers


We have recently identified higher-than normal RMA rates among our SF family of small-form-factor PSUs. Following a thorough investigation, we have found a potential issue that can manifest when the PSU is exposed to a combination of both high temperatures, and high humidity. This regrettably can cause the PSU to fail. This issue potentially affects units in lot codes 194448xx to 201148xx, manufactured between October 2019 and March 2020


This problem can be apparent as soon as the unit is powered on for the first time, or manifest over time as the unit is exposed to a range of environmental conditions. We want to reassure customers that impacted units in no way risk damage to the components and hardware connected to your SF series PSU. This fault can occur only on the primary side of the PSU and is entirely isolated from the DC side of the PSU’s transformer that delivers power to your PC’s hardware.


While this issue does not, and will not, impact every unit manufactured within this time, out of an abundance of caution and commitment to the quality of the SF-Series, we are starting a voluntary product replacement program for owners of SF PSUs within this lot code range.


Impacted customers can submit a ticket at the below form, with the Subject “SF Series voluntary product replacement,” if they wish to replace their potentially affected power supply




Corsair will send a pre-paid return shipping label for the PSU to be exchanged, and will pay for shipping a replacement PSU back to owners. Our Advanced RMA process is also available to those who are in need of having the replacement unit processed more promptly to minimize downtime and disruption.


We wish to reiterate that only SF Series PSUs in lot codes 194448xx to 201148xx, manufactured between October 2019 and March 2020, are potentially affected. All SF-series PSUs purchased before October 2019 are not affected. You can identify your PSU’s lot code by referring to its packaging, or the serial number sticker on power supply’s side.




We understand that the replacement of a PSU is a disruptive process and while only a small percentage of units will be affected with no risk to end user components, we feel this is the right decision to ensure concerned customers that their PC is powered by a PSU with the reliability and quality they expect from CORSAIR.



Many Thanks,


CORSAIR Customer Service Team


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