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Corsair ll120 fans are extremly loud


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Hello everyone,


about 9 months ago i bought my new pc with a Ryzen 5 3600, A RTX 2070 Super, the Corsair Obsidian 500 RGB SE case and 3 Corsair ll 120 fans. The problem that I have is that the fans become noticable at around 700-800 rpm and if they are over 1000 rpm its basically like a vacuum cleaner. So far I tried everything: Cleaning the fans completly and also re-assembling them. I think its also mentionable that they were that loud from the beginning, but i thought it was normal so i did set them always under 800 rpm. I dont know what to do anymore, and if i can return my case, because i dont have the original packaging. My CPU is constantly at around 50-60 C in idle mode, which is prolly not the best either. I would appreciate some help (:

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