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Corsair Dark Core Pro RGB Pairing


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Hello guys,


I am thinking of buying a new headset, mice and keyboard. I'm an corsair fan so i like to have it all from the same brand. Also i like to connect the 3 new devices to 1 dongle so i need slipstream technology because i want them all to be wireless.


My question is the following:

Will the Corsair Dark Core Pro RGB pair with the dongle from the Corsair Virtuoso RGB SE headset? Cause on the website it only says the Ironclaw RGB Wireless or Harpoon RGB Wireless is supported by Slipstream. But as far as i know the Dark Core Pro RGB has also Slipstream technology.


The products i like to pair with 1 Slipstream Dongle are:


1. Corsair Virtuoso Wireless RGB SE Headset

2. Corsair Dark Core Pro RGB

3. Corsair K57 Wireless Keyboard


Hope to hear from you guys soon

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