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Profile switch delay with H100i Platinum SE


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Hey guys, i've got the following problem:


Whenever i switch from one profile to another, the H100i lags behind, the leds need a few hundred milliseconds to actually change color. This throws the whole profile out of sync.


This does not happen when i switch from a profile with only static colors (or no color at all) to any other profile, but if i do that, at some point the H100i will "lag" again and throw the whole thing out of sync.


If i set the H100i to "1 Fan Connected" it works, as soon as i switch back to 2, it doesnt work anymore.


I tried switching around the LED connectors, reinstalling iCUE, creating new profiles.

This happened after updating Windows 10 to build 2004, it didn't happen before.


Here is a video to demonstrate:



Any help is greatly appreciated!

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