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What controller (Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro) is the RGB hub connected to? For the Commander, there is no difference. For the Node Pro, using the QL will turn it into a 1 channel device.


Otherwise, the general answer is no. However, there are some overly technical reasons one might move the fans to a Core. 1) If you have a really heavy 5v draw on your Commander (6 QL on Ch 1 and Ch 2). The Core allows you to separate some of the 5v draw by moving that SATA connector to another PSU line. 2) Lighting Link sequencing - from my brief testing before install, iCUE appears to prioritize the Core over the Commander or LNP in the sequence. This really only applies to a few moving effects (visor, wave, type lighting), but the Core is higher up in the order after KB/Mouse. A niche case to be sure and likely only relevant for people with multiple lighting controllers in the case (LNP, C-Pro, Core).

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