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iCUE CPU flat 100c vs 35c hwmonitor


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Just setup new computer, with all fresh parts. Everything seems to run good (from user perspective).


Using H115i RGB corsair hydro cooler.


Temperatue sensors in iCUE for the CPU (and only the cpu) jump to a flat 100C when I open some software. (The game doesn't show any framerate issues, and my fans on my machine don't spin up faster)


I checked hwmonitor, and it shows the CPU temperature in the 30C - 40C


If I close the game, iCUE drops back down to ~35C for CPU temp, instantly.


(Attached two screenshots to show game open, vs game closed.)


My hope is that this is a iCUE software or sensor issue, as opposed to a true heat issue (since hwmonitor doesn't show this temperature increase), but I wanted to check and see if anyone has any insight into this issue.


I did use the stock thermal paste on the pump.


Game for repro: PSO2



Motherboard: Asus ROG Z390-E

Graphics: GTX 1660 Super


Cooler: H115i RGB Corsair (2 120mm fans)

3 90mm case fans



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Hey there, I just updated to iCUE 3.28.75 today and in this version the built in processor thermal tool does exactly what you show in your post :(


I had to switch to the motherboard thermal plugin to avoid this broken behavior. 100c for no reason at all after this update makes it useless.




this 100c behavior doesnt happen in all games. PSO2 (windows store) causes it for a repro.

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