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Combining SATA Power Connectors of iCue Commander and Lighting Pro Nodes


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My build has one iCue Commander and two iCue Lighting Pro Nodes. Each one has its own separate SATA Power cable.


I want to rewire the three devices so that they all use a single SATA Power connector. In order to do that, I am trying to understand what each wire on the Lighting Pro Node corresponds to (since there are 4 wires on the Lighting Pro Node and 5 on the Commander, I need to figure out which wire is missing on the Lighting Pro Node).


Here is what I am assuming right now:




This basically means that the Lighting Pro Nodes don't use the 3.3v SATA Power Connector - is there anyone out there who has done something like this before and can confirm or otherwise knows the specs of the wires?

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