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K95 doesn't trigger KVM hotkey sequence... why?


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Hi everyone. I know that gaming keyboards aren't guaranteed to work with KVM switches, but I'm trying to understand (troubleshoot) precisely why hotkey switching doesn't work with my current setup.


I own a K95 Platinum RGB keyboard and am using it through a StarTech SV231DPUA KVM switch. The hotkey sequence for switching between computers is tapping the Scroll Lock button twice in rapid succession and then pressing another key to select a computer. Regular keyboards work fine. My previous gaming keyboard (Logitech) also worked fine. No issues whatsoever. But my K95 does not trigger this functionality and I can't figure out why.


I loaded up a Keyboard Event Viewer from the internet and confirmed that the key codes all appear to be identical between the three keyboards, so I would assume the KVM switch would see these characters in the very same manner regardless of the keyboard being used.


Can anyone explain what the technical difference is with the K95 that contributes to this behavior? Everything else seems to work great through the KVM.





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