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H150i pump curve ?


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No, the Quiet/Balanced/Extreme stuff are just a bunch of presets with a X temp = Y fan speed programming. Unfortunately it is not visible in the normal selection screen.


Hit the + in the Performance Tab to create a new "cooling mode". This is your custom fan profile and it can be renamed. Go down to the bottom and make sure the sensor value is set to H150i Temp (coolant temperature).


You should now have a movable graph to work with. In the upper right hand corner are three shape tools. Each one of those presets curves corresponds to the three presets. You can set your own X:Y values or drag dots, but the easiest thing to do is select the left shape (Quiet), then drag some of the higher temp dots up to a bit higher speed or whatever you are looking for.


Make sure you apply the new curve to all three fans when you are done. They should all be ringed yellow to match the curve. The pump is limited to the three fixed speed presets.

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