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1GB Voyager, Write Protection


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Hi, recently I bought the 1GB Flash Voyager and I've had some trouble copying some large files (files bigger than 360MB) or when the total amount on the drive seems to be more than 400MB. I have read some threads on write protection on other drives and I've gotten no where, other than to RMA the drive.


I've taken some screenshots of the errors produced when trying to copy over files hoping that it may help. I've tried it on computers with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 and they both produce the same result.


Thanks in advance :-)


http://img140.echo.cx/img140/6613/usberror8bp.th.png http://img207.echo.cx/img207/537/usberror21lw.th.png http://img230.echo.cx/img230/9302/usberror33xy.th.png

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