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RGB Turn off when i lock windows

Gustavo Facchin

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When you go to lock mode, you sever the connection between the devices and the software. Both the KB and mouse will go into hardware lighting mode. These can be set in iCUE as well, but of course there are restrictions to number and complexity of lighting patterns you can do without the software aid.


For the M65 Pro, it should use the older "save to device" method from the drop down menu on the lighting page. That one doesn't seem to be an issue.


The K95P uses the newer "save slot" method for devices with multiple hardware profiles. You should have three and they are named "K95P HW1, HW2, HW3". It is possible to save lighting from any software profile tab to the device, but for simplicity and general organization, I will explain it in relation to the three special HW profiles.


1) Go to K95P HW1 and the "HARDWARE LIGHTING" tab. When you select it, the keyboard will go dark.


2) Select the lighting you want. This can be any 1 of the presets or up to 5 custom lighting effects from the middle column, but you cannot combine presets and custom effects.


3) Click the Onboard profiles tab at the bottom left. This will show you the three save slots. Click on slot 1. You should get a customary "do you want to overwrite" kind of message. Click yes and the save meter should be visbile.


4) Repeat for slots 2 and 3, if needed. When in lock mode or any time iCUE is not running, the profile switch button above F!/F2 will cycle between your three saved HW patterns. When iCUE is running, that will shuffle between your software profiles.

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