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Corsair Virtuoso doesn't turn on or connect


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I bought a Corsair Virtuoso two weeks ago.


Everything was working fine for the first week. (Headset connecting wireless and USB, giving Battery Status accurately, Dongle light blue)


Then starting the second week I got the problems mentioned in a lot of other threads (red dongle light, crackles, disconnects, battery status inaccurate). It seemed in those threads that the problems were coming from the software side and will be fixed soon. So I accepted the problems for now and waited.


But now my headset won't turn on at all anymore. Wireless and USB are both not working, no lights flash up anymore on the headset - dongle is either blinking red or has no light on.



What I tried so far:

- Connect via USB (not detected)

- Reinstall ICue (and delete user saved profile)

- Force Firmware update (only updates dongle, because headset is not found)

- Seach for headset in device manager, but it is not showing

- Charge Headset with phone charger (didn't change anything)

- Leave it connected to USB for a while (didn't change anything either)

- Remove Dongle and reconnect it

- This support article:



I have no idea what to do anymore. Maybe there are more things I can try?

Since I really like the headset (when it is working!) it would be a shame if I have to return it because of this.

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