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Icue not running on startup. Random lights.


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Can anyone help me out with icue. It's worked flawlessly for months. I only have one profile, Lighting link green. It works fans, cooler , ram and a Asus mobo. I set my GPU separately with fusion. Problem started last week when all fans would randomly switch to rainbow wave, which I think is a default setting. If I open the icue software it all changes back to green but Ram shows a warning triangle and I can't select it until I force a ram update. ( Which doesn't actually update but runs through the process ). Then everything is normal till it decides to do it again. Also when it happens sometimes the mobo also goes into a rainbow wave. Probably happens 2-3 times aday.


I uninstalled / reinstalled icue and Aura sync. Everything seemed fixed and was working. Till I turned off the pc. Now icue doesn't fire up on startup. All lights seem random till I manually open the icue software then all the lights switch to my profile. I close the software and after a while it goes random again. I've checked in start up apps and in icue settings and it's set to run on start up. This all seems to of started after the last update.


Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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