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Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub issues


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Hi having an issue in my new 680x build with the included rgb fan hub i think.

I have 8 x ll120s and 4 rgb strips connected.

The original node pro has one channel conected to the original fan hub and second channel connected to the fan hub from a ll120 3pack.

The second node pro has 4xrgb strips to one channel.

No matter how I link it or switch it the new rgb hub will run rainbow wave or other sequances for a few seconds then shows red. If i manually pick colours from solid colour it gives..

red when white selected,

red when pinky purple selected,

blue with dark blue selected,

red with light blue selected,

green with green selected,

red with yellow selected,

red with red selected.

It is onlt from one fan hub and it makes no difference what channel or whichever node pro i connect it to.

Is this going to be an icue bug or hardware issue?

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