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Keeps switching PC back on after shutdown


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Hi all, I have not long purchased a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard and M65 Elite mouse to replace a Logitech set og G910 Orion Spectrum and G502 Proteus Spectrum keyboard and mouse set due to the G910 developing chatter on a few keys and I couldn't cure it.


Anyway, since having the K95 I have noticed my PC wasn't shutting itself down like usual (normally set it to auto shutdown after it finishes downloading or converting stuff). After some testing it appears to switch off, then starts itself back up after a couple of seconds.


The only way I have just got around it was by disabling all the power features (main one being USB Keyboard power system on) but it is a little frustrating that this has just started. Never had it happen before on the Logitech set or a Roccat pairing I had (Horde Aimo keyboard and Kone Aimo mouse).


Has anyone else experienced this at all?

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