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Is Anyone Working On Support Tickets for RMA

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PSU will not Power On - Self Test Fails

Ticket id #2001199947


Not received any response.


I have an AX1200i that is less than 18 months since purchase. Opened a ticket with Proof of Purchase and Photos. I have all the original packaging, receipt and all the contents.


After PC shutdown unexpectedly, through process of elimination, concluded it was faulty PSU. I removed PSU from PC, using self test switch, self test failed.


Tested PC with a smaller wattage backup PSU I have and no issues. Since no response and backup PSU is underpowered to run all the computer components, I have had to purchase another brand 850w PSU to power the PC.


The AX1200i is expensive in Australia and with a 10 year warranty I expected this unit to last longer.


Can someone please look into my open ticket.


Thank you

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It's difficult not to be frustrated with the poor customer support response time. On top of that, failure of the component, time wasted and the extra cost to get the computer up and running.


I have bought quite a few Corsair products, slowly my faith in Corsair is fading.

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Copy of my support request


PC began shutting down/rebooting during the past week. Most recently after a software update/reboot it completely failed to power up. No motherboard LEDs are lit. Totally 'dead'. I had to rent a PC to keep employed.

Troubleshooting: Attach another power source . .

1. Pull 24 pin Corsair ATX plug and swap with junk box power supply (Ancient 15 yr Seasonic SS-600HT).

2. Turn on supply and and motherboard LEDs are lit!

3. Back to the HX850.

4. Jumping pins 4&5 on the HX850 powers up the fan! Am I missing something??

New power supplies are currently unavailable across the US and the Seasonic out of spec for the HEDT system.

Please help and

Thank You very much.

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