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Early rev Gigabyte 8KNXP issues


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I have an early manufacture Gigabyte 8KNXP which has two sets of early production (May 2003) TWINX512-3200LLPT installed (for a total of 1 GB). Initially you had me set the voltage +.2v and that solved memory problems for the very limited use it got for the last year. I am now attempting to run Windows XP on this machine (which I just loaded from CD). I am having DirectX problems when using my ATI 9500 card (note multiple 9500 cards have been tried) in that the card crashes the machine. This seems to be related to memory. I checked the SPD on the CMX256-3200LLPT and it is set to 2.5-2-2-6! (as opposed to your stated 2-3-2-6) so I ran the x86 memory test and it said everything was fine. To be safe I changed it to 2-3-2-6 and retested, still fine but the problem did not go away. I was wondering if the bad SPD values might have caused the windows install program to write bad data to the hard drive during the install. Also what SHOULD the settings be for this system and do I need to return the ram to you to have the SPD reprogrammed?
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