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Audio and mic problem - Corsair Virtuoso SE with Sound BlasterX G6


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Hello everyone,


I have a specific problem with external sound card - sound blasterx G6 and Corsair Virtuoso Headphones.


The aux output of the blasterx has a very poor microphone quality compared to the bluetooth microphone of the headset. So I thought the solution would be to choose the mic of the headset as the input mic device and output audio device as blasterX and yeah thats working. But the problem is that every time I turn the WIRELESS headset mode on so I can use the headset bluetooth microphone, the audio sound quality becomes worse and quieter after few secs especially the bass, it is mainly recognizable at higher volume. Even I select sound blasterX as the default output audio device in Windows.


EDIT: I realized that I can use the mic in wired mode when I connect the headset and PC with USB-C. But the audio is still poor when USB-C cable is connected :(

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