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iCUE Causes Intermittent Screen Blackouts While Gaming


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... FIX iCUE ...


Yes, I've seen the other threads.

Yes, I know Corsair is aware of this issue.

Yes, I know about the potential solution of renaming some .dll file.


No, it's not my computer hardware.

No, it's not my software or drivers.

No, it's not caused by other applications or overlays.


I know you're keenly aware of this catastrophic mess of a failure, Corsair, and that you've known about it for years, yet through sheer force of incompetence, nothing at all has been done about it.


I've had this exact same issue with Razer Synapse on my old computer, but they, unlike you, have managed to fix it. You hear that, Corsair? Razer fixed it, because they're better than you! You're an embarrassment! You'd think a critical error in the ((( K E Y ))) feature of iCUE, namely game integration, would be taken seriously, but noh... your fatigued employees have collectively spent years ignoring this glaring blemish in your big brand software. There is no excuse! Don't even bother defending yourselves, just go fix it, and be quick about it!


This issue is caused by iCUE, and iCUE only, so don't you dare make me start bragging about my awesome computer specs, it's so beneath me. I've worked with computers for over 25 years (fixing and building), so don't even go there. I'm done talking to potted plants pretending to offer solutions to their betters.


The customer is always right, yes?

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