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PC3700 512 MByte TwinX Matched Memory Pair


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Hi Ramguy;

3 minute story:


I've had my PC3700 2x256mb Twinx sticks for since September 2003 (bought at a PCWorld in London) and was quite fond of them (even though the packaging advertised CAS2 but I had to run em @ 3).

Anyway, the story begins in mid February this year when I was running an Asus P4P800 Deluxe with a P4 2.4C cpu @ 201mhz FSB (sometimes up to 220, but only in Farcry). One day the computer just randomly started locking up - with screen freezes occuring most often in online games. I thought that I was the victim of some sort of sub-seven trojan but I did loads of virus/malware scans and the lockups began happening during post and offline too.

3 weeks ago, the computer just shutdown while watching a dvd, so I tried to reboot but there was no POST, only the lame asus voice reporter crying "system failed cpu test". Anyway, I went to the university library ( as it was then my only computer access) and did a whole load of forum searching; none of which related the problem to RAM! I also got the (pseudo) techguys to test my cpu which they said worked perfectly.

From the forums, I learnt that it was most probably a motherboard issue, seeing as the cpu worked yet the voice reporter said it was a cpu problem. So I ended up buying a Gigabyte socket 865PE mo/bo; in went the bits + some prayer: everything fired up but no POST. I tried a mate's P4 2.4B in it and it worked... I was like WTF? Tried my P4C in his mo/bo and it worked too. I was so confused.

So instead of giving a PC service centre £40 to just LOOK at the PC, i decided to totally upgrade. I then had the initiative to test the RAM, so I took it to a shop (CEX) where they tested it as I was selling my cpu and radeon 9800pro; and they said it worked :sigh!: ....

I bought a Gigabyte K8nF-9, an Athlon64 3200+, a MSI GF6600GT and a Tagan 420W PSU. PLugged it all in with my corsair ram, but no POST!!!

Came back to uni with the pc and finally found someone with DDR RAM (as most of my mates down here own laptops... suckers :p:) and everything fired up. I'm currently using only 256mb ram.

I was gonna buy new ram but remembered the warranty.

Is it possible for me to get the RAM sticks sorted out by returning it to PCWorld? They are 18 months old, so I'm not sure.


Thanks for reading the last few weeks of my life :biggrin:

FYI, in that period of time; I also managed to do a grade 2 ankle sprain and fail an essay, not to mention the £400 I wasted on upgrading when it was most probably just the RAM, still waiting to hear from asus about my RMA... they are so slack with their UK customers.



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Assuming your RMA is approved, contact PCWorld to see if they will RMA it. Mention to them that all of Corsair's overseas distributors are set up to handle RMAs for Corsair, as they may not know this. If your reseller refuses, contact Corsair's Customer Service Department and they can find out whom your reseller's distributor is and help you out with the process.

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Ram Guy wil lsee this thread probably a bit later today (ATM, it's only 7 AM in California). It's recommended to try to RMA it through the reseller first, as with them you wouldn't have to ship it overseas, etc.
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Hi again,

I callled PCWorld support line and told the operator the exact situation with the ram and its purchase date 18months ago and that Corsair offered lifetime warranty. I was instructed to bring it in and they would test it and return it to you if faulty.

I finally got back to London today and went into the shop, the tech guy tested the RAM and said they were faulty but that PCworld won't return it or replace it themselves because it only has 12months warranty from the shop. In fact I think their computers say the same for all corsair ram. I'm so pissed off because its cost me £21 to travel back. (I'm posting from some lame net cafe just around the corner from the shop).

Anyway, I'll need to RMA these modules ASAP becuase my PC is dead and I have another essay deadline approaching in 2 weeks!

Ramguy sort this out please!

The pink warranty stickers are dated: 26JUN2003 and stamped 26.247.

The silver sticker's part number is: CMX256A-3700PT; XMS3700v1,1 and 0326005 on both modules.

Thanks, fLoPpY :o:

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Yes thanks, its running pretty sweet; haven't had time to test any games yet because I went straight into transcripting my essays; but at least both sticks boot into dual channel and I can use word :D
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