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Recent Bug With Corsair Lighting Node Pro and/or iCue

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Hello everyone,


This is my first post because i am looking for help and cant seem to solve this issue as ive tried everything that i personally can think of and maybe someone has a solution.


Before my issue i will state what im currently running with

Asus Strix z390e Mobo

Asus Strix 2080 GPU


Lighting Node Pro

Corsair RGB Fan Hub

6 LL120 Fans

4 Corsair Light Strips


My fans are configured in order from 1-6, 1 being Front Bottom --> Top Rear


The problem i am having is that my 1 and 2 Fans are properly synced with iCue with whatever light effect i have set, and the 3-6 fans are either, glitching out, sometimes completely off, or showing a different color than i have (i.e. i do instant lighting red, fans 1+2 are red, Fans 3-6 are Blue).


i know for certain the LEDs on all 6 fans are okay because i have unplugged each fan that are placed 3-6 and plugged them in number 1 and they light up fine. at first i thought it is simple the LED Hub that was busted, but i have an extra one that i never used (from LL120 3 pack) and replaced the one in my PC and it did not fix any issue. Lighting from fans 3-6 still completely off, or buggy. upon startup all fans turn on full Rainbow RGB but 3-6 begin glitching almost as if its doing a rain effect but in rgb. then my pc is fully started and my instant lighting turns on and the fans 3-6 go off. I have CCleaner'd my icue software AND all asus aura softwares incase that there was a confliction error or something going on with them. Note that i do NOT care if my mobo and gpu are synced to Icue. i usually manually set them to white LED through asus Aura.


This leaves me to believe my issue is with either 1. Lighting Node Pro or 2. a bug in the iCue software or maybe 3. an issue with an update or maybe multiple programs causing an error of some sort.


I will buy the commander Pro IF it solves my problem but i dont want to cough up 75 bucks if the problem will persist. any thoughts please help. thank you for reading


*EDIT i forgot to mention that, of course, i do have everything properly configured in the iCue software on the LED channels. i should add that my lighting setup was completely fine up to some point in time that i cannot pinpoint. without ever physically opening my PC or changing any hardware the problem came out of no where.

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I have the same probleme and it's anoying. i have 2 profile :white

(all led are white) and rgb (all led are rgb) and it's like my 2 profile mix together and my fan are layout like so : 1 rear to 6 front and the bug affect only the 5-6 fan The problem came out of nowere, no update, hardware or software change. i have 4 SP120 fan and 2 LL120 fan (radiator fan) i know the fan are not the same LL120 have a rgb ring but i manage to get the fan lightning work normally before.


Note : i have a lightning node core that came with my case.

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I started a thread about the exact same issue a week ago and got no helpful answer.


Just to answer some of your points :

- Don't bother buying a new Commander Pro. I tried it and it didn't solve the issue.

- I tried changing the lightning node as well as the RGB Hub and it didn't solve it either.

- I don't think it comes from a recent update. I've had this issue for a year now, and it's gradually getting worse to the point where it's not bearable anymore. I had to turn the RGB off.


Here's a link to the thread I created where I detailled everything I tried, in case it can help you : https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=206802


It's quite infuriating, when you see the price of all that material that's not working like it should...

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