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Virtuoso Microphone Feedback/Static noise


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Hiya guys I am having a bit of a nightmare with my brand new Virtuoso headset.


My microphone is basically giving off a static noise on both PC/PS4 on both wired and wireless, its not so bad that I cant use the microphone its more disturbing (I have used Windows Playback to listen to it and PS4 party chat).


I have tried un-installing the headset/drivers from the system and starting fresh and I have the same issue.


When I plug the 3.5mm jack into the PS4 controller all the problems go away and the headset works fine with no microphone feedback at all and its a bliss to use.


Any and all help will be appreciated.


I really like the headset and it would be a shame to have to return it but im getting frustrated with it and all I want to do is get a refund.

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Have you performed a firmware update on the headset when it was connected to the PC? Also, do you get feedback over the part chat even when the mic is not installed on the headset?


Hiya, yes the first thing I did when I bought the headset was to do the firmware updates for both dongle and headset with cable attached, but I let them charge fully before doing this.


I get the white noise whenever I connect via wireless and USB on Ps4 but on PC I only get it through playback on microphone.


Unfortunately I got impatient and sent the headphones back, as for the £150 price tag I personally didnt think I should have been having issues like this.


I personally thought the problem was directly software related rather than hardware as it worked from the Jack perfectly fine.


I loved the headset itself, it was comfortable and the audio quality was fantastic, just a shame that the main reason I bought it was for wireless connectivity and the microphone quality.


They might send me a replacement in which case I'll try again but I have a suspicion that I will have the same issue.

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