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Very Overdue Refund On Virtuoso


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Hi there,

I purchased the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE - Gunmetal on April 23rd. I realized it wasn't the one I wanted, so I created a support ticket to cancel before shipment. I received no reply to the ticket, so I called and had the kindest and most delightful customer service assistant answer the phone and immediately attend to the cancellation of the order and issue of a refund. She said I would receive an email from the team responsible for cancellations and refunds. I never received the email. I waited for 5 business days, still no refund issued. I called the customer service team again and was told the refund had already been issued, and that I just needed to wait. It has been over 20 days since the order got canceled, my support ticket has expired, and I still have received no refund, let alone a sound from Corsair about where my money is!

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