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Caps/Num/Scroll Lock Key Lights Not Working after using TeamViewer


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I have just noticed a weir behavior with my STRAFE Keyboard.


When I use TeamViewer to connect to a remote computer, the lights for the Caps Lock/Num Lock/Scroll Lock will not work anymore. If the lights were on before the TeamViewer connection, they will remain on until I reboot the computer, if they were off before, they will remain off.


The action of the keys still works, it's just the indicator lights that stop working, so I never know if my caps lock is on or off until I start typing. pretty annoying, specially with numbers (num lock).


Any idea of what it could be? Anyone else with this problem?


I think that this might be some conflict with a Corsair and TeamViewer driver or something.


This is the first place where I am posting this problem.


BTW: The firmware installed is: v3.08


I am on a Windows 10 Pro, 64 bits

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