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Keyboard freezes a lot


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I have this strange issue while I am gamming and working from home. My keyboard freezes in the middle of anything I am doing while I am connected to the docking station OR connected to my gaming PC directly via the USB ports. I cannot type but the LED lights still stay on and the pattern are frozen.


I tried resetting the keyboard via disconnecting it and pressing and holding the ESC key and I tried force updating the firmware as well and have the same issues. I noticed that these issue came up after I installed the new iCue version few days ago.


Since this morning working from home, I have disconnected the keyboard 10 times now so I can work properly. I must say I am not impressed considering the brand name and how much it costed me to get this keyboard. I have started to loose patience now. I technically cannot play any online games now without getting defeated!!


Immediate help is appreciated. Thank you.


Kind regards,




Edit: disconnected and re-connected 23 times in total now.

Edit: disconnected and re-connected 29 times in total now.

Edit: disconnected and re-connected 77 times in total now.

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I managed to flash the firmware for the XT version yesterday evening and till now no issues at all. The only drawback is that I cannot set hardware lightning profiles. Does anyone have the .BIN firmware for the non XT version?


This proves that this is definitely a firmware issue and not a hardware issue.


I can then install the firmware the same way I flashed the XT firmware by inserting a PIN under the keyboard and plugging the USB on the machine etc ...


Please help with the firmware file. Thanks

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