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iCue adding "ghost" fans and pumps + losing control of my real fans


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Hey all, i'm really at wits end here. I've had my H110i for almost 4 years and never had any major issues. I control the unit via iCue, and have done so for the last 7-8 versions of the program.


Last week or so, I updated to 3.28.70 and the program/fans are now fundamentally broken.




I should have 3 entries under my H110i - Fan #1. Fan #2, Pump #1.

Over time (10-15 minutes), a mysterious "pump#2" shows up. I am aware that sometimes a pump can be shown twice, but this new mysterious pump has a WAY different rpm than the real pump.


Once this occurs, my real fan #2 seems to default back to either the quiet or balanced fan setting. It does not retain my custom curve.


If at this point, I leave things as is, eventually, FOUR more ghost fans and TWO MORE ghost pumps show up. 5 additional temperature readings also show up.


3x ghost fans have the same rpm, but this rpm is not shared with another device.

1x ghost fan seems to share the real pumps rpm, so I assume this is just a duplicate entry of that.

2x ghost pumps have unique rpm and I have no idea whats happening here.

5x additional temperature readings that all have the same readout.


All I can do to fix this is to restart the icue service, and things will then run as they should for 15-20 minutes before the cycle starts again.


Troubleshooting steps already taken


Clean install of the latest version of iCue (yes I removed registry entries etc)

Roll back to previous versions of iCue (now this issue persists into versions of Icue I didnt have an issue with previously)

Complete uninstall of iCue and using corsair link instead (same issue now)

Completely disable Qfan control for all headers in my Asus bios.

Re seating of internal usb connections.

Ccleaner for any registry gremlins


Additional notes


NOTHING has changed about my machine. I literally only updated iCue, and now I am dealing with this disaster.

I am not running any additional monitoring software.


The ghost entries I can deal with, but the real problem is that my fan curves do not stick once this issue occurs and i'm sure they are connected in some way.


I have attached an image of why my H110i screen should look like, and what it looks like after it freaks out.


If anyone has any ideas i'd really love to hear them. Thank you!



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It seems like you have some type of heavy file corruption in the cooling config. file. We see duplicate devices every now and then, but not repeating fans and such without outside interference. If the repair install did not work, Quit iCUE and all services from the task manager. Then go to C:User/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming/Corsair/cooling and cut and paste the config file to desktop. Restart iCUE and it will generate a new one. You will have to redo all your fan curves, but this is less work than wiping the entire profile section and having to rebuild everything. If you did not clean out the App Data Roaming folder by telling it to remove all settings during the uninstall it stays and a corrupt config file would persist.


However, I am concerned if you uninstalled iCUE and this happened with Link. That removes any iCUE associated function (there is no connection and they don't share the same registry space like CUE 2). I am not sure what would cause that aside from another program interfering or the cooler having an identity crisis.

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So I seem to have solved this, i'm posting here in case anyone from google with a similar issue stumbles upon it.


My iCue issues seemed to be stemming from a remote desktop application I have called Duet. If you have strange issues with iCue, consider checking any remote desktop software you have.

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