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Virtuoso SE vs Void RGB Wireless sound quality issue


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Hi all,


I have a pair of Void RGB Wireless headsets and the sound was great and all, but the battery life and connection issues were growing worse. I've had this set for a few years now. So, when the opportunity came to pick up a new headset, I went with a Virtuoso SE just because I had hoped that the sound quality etc would be even better with a premium set and I liked the idea of having the ultra hq sound via USB and the option to use wireless still. The problem I'm having is as follows:


Since I installed the Virtuoso SE the sound quality through them has been... mediocre at best. The icue eq settings don't seem to do anything with 7.1 surround sound enabled, and with stereo the sound is even worse. The sound is thin and I can find no way of correcting it.


Also, there seems to be some breakup of audio as well. in addition, the sidetalk function may not be working. I say may not because there's a chance that the volume is just too low, I can't quite tell just yet. Either way, turning it on or off doesn't do anything so I can't quite tell if the controls are just not working and the side talk is working but at a low volume... Turning the volume of the side-talk levels all the way up does nothing.


The Mic also seems to have some quality issues. The sound I'm being told by other players, comes out as bass heavy and muddy instead of clear like the Void RGB wireless were. Also, upon reconnecting the Void sound through them is as good as ever, cross talk works fine, eq's work as expected.


I just find it odd that a headset costing over $200 sounds so poor in comparison to a headset that cost me mabybe $75. What this makes me think is that I MUST be having some sort of other issue and that it's not the virtuoso headset's "fault" so to speak? Can anyone advise on what might be going on here? It would not surprise me to find out it's a windows 10 issue as I've had a nightmare setting up the windows 10 UAD and separate realtek audio control panel...


Thanks in advance!

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