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Corsair 175 Front Panel Removal


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I am not a computer builder but, bought a new computer at Christmas, which came in the lovely 275R.


I am a bit of a cleaning freak and like to keep it all dust free, so take all the sides of etc every month and blast it out with my electronic air blower.


One thing I absolutely cannot do is take the Front Panel off. I really do not want to break it.




Can I take it off?

Can I remove the Filter that is there which the front fan blows into?

Do I have to unplug any electrical pieces, such as power button etc?


Does anyone have a step by step guide, video that will show me?


Your time and help is greatly appreciated :)


Thank you

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The front panel is held onto the front frame of the case with plastic pins that snap into holes in the front frame of the case.


You just need to pull the front panel away from the front frame of the case.


It might be a bit tight but it will pop off if you pull on it.


There are no screws or cables you need to disconnect first.

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