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XC7 - Aorus I X570 Pro Wifi

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Hello Good Corsair People


SO I went on a insane task of fitting everything into a Phanteks Evolv Shift Air and custom looping it.


With the exception of my aorus extreme 2080ti (yes its not meant to fit but here hold my beer ;) it does :P )


Im running a XD3 Pump Res, a XC7 cpu block, the usual fittings and adapters from corsair.


Unfortunately ive had to go a different slimmer profile rad to make it all fit.


I think im having a contact issue, the XC7 doesnt confirm compatibility with the Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi.


Does anyone know out there if the XC7 waterblock is compatible? It was a tight fit and a little niggly but it went together when i put it in.

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Unfortunately, the XC7 RGB CPU Water Block (115X/AM4) is checked as not compatible.

The reason is the backside clearance with backplate supplied with the CPU water block.

Looking at this image, it's either clearance with a metal shim on the motherboard or most likely the electrical component (look on the left side near the mounting hole).

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