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Original K70 RGB button issues.


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So to preface this thread, I clearly understand all of the other pinned threads and posts regarding related issues and have read them all tried various fixes and tricks. Nothing has really helped.


Let me explain a bit about this situation. This keyboard is old, and I have since moved several keyboards past this one, the issue being that the brightness, win-lock, mute and media keys do not respond at all, they don't even register a keypress but the volume wheel works perfectly fine as does the lighting for these buttons.


This keyboard was liquid damaged and soaked in IPA, functionality was restored on the main part of the keyboard which works perfectly normal. This isn't a real priority I was just looking for any solution from people with similar issues. Not sure what exactly is the cause here as I see no discernable issue with the addon boards.


Also I don't suppose there is a way to obtain replacement parts because eBay is barren and most boards for parts are $50 and up and that's way too much.



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