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MSI 865PE Neo2 + 2 gigs of twinx pc3200 = 333?


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Hello, I recently decided to upgrade from one gig of twinX 3200C2 to 2 gigs. I got a great deal on 1 gig of TwinX 3200LL and decided to try both sets at once. Currently I have the 3200LL in channel A and the 3200C2 in Channel B. I got the system up and running using the RAM timings for the C2 RAM (although both seem to work) The problem is that now the RAM only runs at 333 instead of 400. I've tried changing the voltage, many different RAM timings and settings but it simply will not run at 400. If I remove either of the two pairs it immediately jumps up to 400. I've tried upgrading to the latest bios and just about everything else I can think of. Any ideas?

System is as follows:


MSI 865PE Neo2 FIS2R - bios version 2.5

intel P4 3ghz

Channel A - 2X512 Corsair TwinX 3200LL

Channel B - 2X512 Corsair TwinX 3200C2


current settings: 2 3 3 6 burst length = 4

voltage: 2.65

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Welcome to the forums, bAckstAb!


It's probably defaulting to 333 because the sticks aren't matched and it's looking for a common timing/latency setting.


You could try setting the memory speed manually at 400 and see if you can't get it to run like that, but you might also set it to 2.5-3-3-7 first to avoid any conflicts.


I'd also increase my DDR Voltage to 2.75 volts or so as your chipset could use it.


According to the Intel i865PE Memory Configuration Guide your setup should technically work in dual channel at DDR400.




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Thanks CandyKid, but that doesn't seem to do the trick. I already had my RAM manually set to 400, then I set it to 2.5 3 3 7. I tried voltages 2.75 - 2.85 - no effect. CPU clock is set at 200 but RAM is always 333 no matter what. I've gone from 4200 in sandra 2005 to 3500. Any more ideas?



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Thanks guys, but no luck. I tried 3-4-4-8 but the computer won't boot. There's a whole variety of timings that seem to work great but only at 333.


current settings:

2 3 3 6

voltage 2.75

RAM speed set on manual at 400mhz


System boots and is very stable only MB won't run RAM above 333


Which pair is better? 3200LL or 3200C2? I guess I'll have to sell one pair and try and get a matching set.

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