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iCUE Crashes Intermittently


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So, I built this new PC a couple of months ago and I was trying to trace an intermittent crash that was getting more and more common as time went on. It started off as maybe once a week, and by last week I had a day where it was about every 10 minutes. I've finally managed to trace it to the iCUE software. I can force it to happen way more often by having iCUE open to monitor my hardware and not just down in the system tray... which is rather inconvenient since that means I can't monitor my temps etc.


Specifically, I think its the CorsairServices in task manager, but it tends to crash and close iCUE in the process. First my PC gets sluggish, then discord will turn into a black window, then if Im not fast enough to get task manager open and close CorsairServices my entire PC will freeze and eventually all three monitors will go black.


In the past I would just have to force reboot my PC because it wouldn't recover, but I have now discovered that having removed some LED backlights that I was just powering in the back of my PC (they weren't talking to anything and as far as I could tell my PC didnt even recognise them as a device) sometimes it now manages to recover from the crash and close iCUE down.


Some intense googling and I can see there are people that have had this black screen crash since 2017. I haven't found any solutions anywhere other than "stop using iCUE and find alternative RGB and monitoring software". Almost everything that is RGB and that I want to monitor is Corsair. I would REALLY like to therefore use Corsair's software. Are there any fixes for this? Are there any fixes in the work for this? Can any of the staff actually advise if anything is being done or is it just still conveniently being ignored because the devs think its too niche and not widespread enough to address?

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Right, I think I might have found a solution for my personal problem.

This might not work for everyone, but it has 100% solved my black screen issues with iCUE.


I have a 2080ti and I discovered in my windows event viewer that I was getting a 4101 display warning. It's just iCUE was triggering this display issue way more than any other program I use for some unknown reason. And I do mean, without iCUE installed it might happen once a month if that, with iCUE it happened every 20 minutes. Anyway, on to the solution. I went to the nvidia control panel, manage 3d settings, global settings and changed power management mode to "Prefer maximum performance".


I've had iCUE running permanently ever since and have not managed to replicate the crash since making this change. It might not work for everyone but hopefully it might help solve it for some people. To anyone who finds this when googling, I hope it helps <3

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