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Corsair ICUE lighting Issues


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I need help with my lighting setup, just sold my soul to corsair and I'm having difficulty getting this to work. My setup consists of:


- H150i XT AIO Liquid Cooler

- Commander Pro


- Lighting Node Pro

- 4 RGB strips


- 2 RGB fan hubs

(The ones that connect to the CP, not USB header)


- 4 QL 140mm fans

- 3 QL 120mm fans


The problem is the 2 RGB fan hubs and the ICUE Software. I have connected everything up correctly but for some reason the 2 RGB hubs aren't displaying the RBG I selected in the software.

Light 4 on the hub just simply doesn't work and changing the lighting programs just glitches the fans out or don't do anything at all. The only thing that is confusing me about this is it's happening with 2 separate RGB hubs that are brand new.

I did a lot of error checking and I used a USB header RGB hub that came with the triple pack fans and that works fine, but I don't have many USB headers and I have over 6 fans which is why I went for the commander pro ones.


The total fan count:


3 for lighting device 1.

4 for lighting device 2.

The fan selection is "QL RGB Series Fans" for both.


Is this something that is common/fixable, just thought I'd ask before I return them both.


Sorry for the formatting, I'm writing this on my phone.


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My first comment may seem picky, but in this situation, and to allow the experts here to help you (and they will jump all over it for you - no fear!!) - and that is to make sure the names of parts is correct.


If I understand your setup correctly, what you are calling an "RGB Hub", may in fact be what is technically called the "Lighting Node Core". That's the "hub type" device that comes in the box of the QL multi packs.


The older "hub" is actually called the "RGB Fan Hub". The Fan Hub and the LN Core behave, and connect slightly differently so it is important to be clear which device you have.


The Lighting Node Core (from the QL fan multipack) connects to a USB header. Either directly on your motherboard, or on the Commander Pro.

The RGB Fan Hub connects to one of the 2 LED channel connections on the Commander Pro.


For both of those devices it is also important fans be connected starting at Port #1 and moving up sequentially. Do not skip any port. So when you said you have a problem with port #4, make sure ports 1, 2 and 3 are all connected as well.

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